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Wider range of fireworks become legal on New Year's Day

The New Year’s celebration in Michigan may be louder than usual. That’s because the state’s new fireworks law goes into effect at midnight on New Year’s Day.

Andy Webb owns Captain Boom Fireworks in Otsego. He says the new law expands what consumers can buy.

"It's things that go up in the air and go boom," Webb says. "Single-shot artillery shells or reloadable artillery shells, bottle rockets, Roman candles, some multi-shot repeaters and firecrackers."

He says consumer-grade fireworks are safe if handled properly.

"Make sure you have sufficient space, away from houses or other flammable materials, have some water handy, be sober, and wear safety glasses," he warns.

Webb says people who buy fireworks will pay a six percent user fee in addition to Michigan’s six percent sales tax.

He also says he’s disappointed  lawmakers included a $10 million insurance requirement for fireworks retailers, which he says is much higher than any other state.  Webb says that will keep many smaller businesses out of the market.

The new law replaces Michigan's original fireworks law written in 1931.