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Catching up in the polls, Republicans return to Michigan

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan stopped in southeastern Michigan yesterday. His visit comes as a new poll shows Republicans closing in on the President’s lead in this state.

It’s the first time either member of the Republican ticket has visited this fall, and thousands lined up in the chilly evening weather at Oakland University campus in Rochester for the chance to see Ryan.

Detroit-based musician Kid Rock was the evening’s “special guest.” His introduction for Ryan was brief, but had some awkward moments, coming after a steady stream of strident Republican rhetoric from local conservative candidates. “I have to say, I’m proud that we have elected our first black president,” Rock told the crowd, which met with a moment’s silence. “Right? I’m sorry that he didn’t do a better job. I really am.”

But all went smoothly once Ryan took the stage to enthusiastic cheers. “The President is trying to convince us that he just needs more time,” he said. “[He says] if we just stay on the path we’re on, we’ll get this figured out. But we can’t afford four more years like the last four years!”

Ryan also criticized President Obama for “failing” foreign policies. He said under a Romney administration, defense spending would ensure “peace through strength, because we will have the strongest military in the world. And no one will question us! No one will question our resolve!”

Ryan and Romney are making inroads in Michigan, shrinking President Obama’s lead here from 10 points to just three this week, according to a new Detroit Free Press Poll. The recent numbers were taken after last week’s presidential debate.

That may put Democrats on defense, forcing them to spend time and money in a state they had considered locked down.

Kate Wells is a Peabody Award-winning journalist currently covering public health. She was a 2023 Pulitzer Prize finalist for her abortion coverage.