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In this morning's Michigan news headlines. . .

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5 things to know on Election Day

"With all the confusion over voting this year, here are five things you need to know before you go to the polls:

1. You will be asked to show a photo ID, but you can still vote without one - you'll just need to sign a document verifying your identify.

2. You should not see a box on your ballot application asking you to attest that you're a U-S citizen.

3. It's a long ballot, so save yourself some time and do your research.

4. You can bring a cheat sheet, or notes about different issues. Just don't display it in a way that could be seen as campaigning.

5. Even if you're voting a straight ticket, don't forget about the non-partisan issues, like Supreme Court races," Kate Wells reports.

Gov. Snyder criticizes ballot proposal process 

"Governor Rick Snyder says he’d like to see some changes in the rules for putting questions on future election ballots. The governor says he’d specifically like to see limits on paying petition circulators for each signature they collect. Ballot campaigns spent at least $9.6 million this year to pay professional petition circulators. The governor says he’d also like to see some controls to make sure petition circulators don’t mis-represent what’s in a proposal," Rick Pluta reports.

Detroiters waited nearly 3 hours to vote absentee

"Many voters in Detroit looking to avoid long lines at the polls today, waited nearly 3 hours when they went to cast absentee ballots a day early yesterday. Michigan does not technically offer early voting, like some states do. But people can vote absentee if they provide a reason they won't be able to vote in-person on Election Day. Detroit voters face 18 proposals on the ballot, including questions from the city, the county and the state," Sarah Hulett reports.

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