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Things that go boom in the night? Maybe not

Du Boix

When Michigan relaxed its fireworks laws last year, some people took things too far. Now lawmakers may make some changes. 

The idea of the original law was to give municipalities more flexibility in the sale and use of fireworks.

It was also meant to bring fireworks sales revenue to Michigan.State Rep. Harold Haugh, D-Roseville, says it didn't work out exactly as planned in some cases.

"We had a tremendous amount of complaints where common sense was not used," Haugh says. "People shooting off fireworks at one, two, three o'clock in the morning was never the intent of the bill."

Haugh says the new law would let communities ban the use of fireworks from midnight to 8 a.m.

"It now gives the local municipalities the opportunity to pass requirements seen as fit for their municipalities."

Haugh says more than 20 million dollars worth of fireworks were sold in Michigan last year.

Six percent of those sales goes to the Firefighters Training Association.

Haugh also says the new laws would require retailers to submit their fireworks safety fees at the same time as their sales tax payments. They would also allow the fire marshal to prohibit retailers who did not pay their fees and taxes last year from getting a new license until the money is collected.

For more details, see House Bills 4743 and 4744.