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Lessenberry talks about the big bills that passed this week and the first female CEO of GM

The chamber of Michigan's House of Representatives in Lansing. Leaders in the Michigan legislature and Governor Granholm are close to an agreement on the budget.

This Week in Review, Rina Miller and Jack Lessenberry discuss the passage of theani-abortion coverage billand campaign finance bill, as well as the appointment of the first female CEO of General Motors.

High profile bills passed through the legislature this week. The bills that made the biggest headlines was an abortion insurance measure requiring women to buy separate riders on their health policy.Another bill would allow people who pay for “issue ads” to stay anonymous. The bill would also double the amount of money people can give to campaigns and political action committees – or “PACS”.

General Motors announced this week that Mary Barra will be the company’s next CEO. Barra will be the first female CEO in the car industry.

Lessenberry says there is a big positive and a big negative with this appointment that not many people are talking about. The positive is that she is an engineer who cares about the product. The negative is that she has been working for GM since she was a teenager and has never left. This becomes a problem when GM has been accused of having too much of an insular outlook on the company.

“We all have to be optimistic that she’s not only a role model for women, but is good for GM, and of course what’s good for GM in generally good for the economy of Michigan.”

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