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Michigan Senate bill would prohibit employers from asking about birth control

The Michigan Senate is considering a bill that would prohibit employers from asking employees or job applicants about their birth control use. 

Senate Bill 397would not allow employees to ask women about their use of birth control.

It would also bar employees from discriminating against women who don't disclose their use or nonuse of contraceptives. 

State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. (D-Ingham County) is one of the bill's sponsors. 

He says that the bill is a response to the 2014 Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby

The court ruled that companies could opt out of Affordable Care Act's provisions for no-cost  birth control if they have religious objections.

"The idea that corporations now have the ability to limit access to birth control, I think a lot of people are concerned about what the future holds," Hertel said. 

If the bill becomes law, people found in violation could be brought up for a civil action. 

"We want to take a preventive measure to make sure that women's rights to contraception are not violated in the state," Hertel said. 

The bill was referred to the government operations committee. 

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