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Macomb County offers free Uber to jurors

Jurors in Macomb County are getting a free ride to court.

A pilot project will offer jurors free transportation via Uber.

And the best news: It comes at no cost to the county. The ride service company is picking up the tab for round trips under $40 for the duration of the 60-day trial.

Carmela Sabaugh is the Macomb County Clerk. She adds this innovation to an extensive list that includes providing restaurant-style pagers to jurors while they wait to be called into the courtroom and furnishing the jury room with free wireless Internet.

She hopes the program will eliminate any potential stress for jurors over finding transportation. “A juror can be picked up at their home. They don't have to worry about directions or getting to the courtroom. They are also taken back home.”

Sabaugh went on to comment that it was worry over potential logistical struggles that first prompted the idea. “I think we were concerned, mainly, about getting to Mount Clemens. Parking [is difficult] because of construction that is going on downtown.”

Michael Sarzynski is from Sterling Heights. He described himself as being suspect of the program when he first got his jury summons. Yet at the encouragement of his son, he used his iPad to secure a reservation. Within ten minutes, he got a response from Uber telling who the driver was and what kind of car he would be driving.

“This was my first time using the Uber,” Sarzynski explained, “and the guy was really super great. He knew where he was going. And we were right to the courthouse in no time at all. And I had plenty of time to spare.”

His only recommendation: Don't call too early because they were right on time.

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