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New music from Flint Eastwood gets personal but keeps the dance beat

Courtesy of Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood has a new EP out this week. It’s called Small Victories.

The music was recorded at Assemble Sound, a repurposed church in Detroit.

Bandleader Jax Anderson says the studio played a huge factor in determining the sound of this new collection of songs.

On Assemble Sound

I grew up in a very religious home so it was very fitting to have these songs written in a church, especially considering these songs are about my mother. My mother really raised me to be very religious. Assemble Sound is simply a collection of musicians that were all writing music in their bedrooms alone and we were like, why are we doing this, why are we not together, why are we not collaborating like in the Motown days when Smokey Robinson and the Supremes would get in a room just to write for the heck of it and it’s a very inspiring place to be.

What keeps you in Detroit?

Not to dog on other cities, but they don’t really have the angst and the need for community like Detroit and Michigan overall has.  

Find What You’re Looking For

This song specifically was written after my mom passed and she had said something that really stuck with me … the last thing she spoke to me was "Don’t let this break you." And to me it was this overarching statement that really exemplified everything she had ever taught me. She always taught me to follow my dreams, to keep going no matter what, to make things happen and I think that was just a pure statement.

The healing process

Every single song on this EP exemplifies a portion of my healing process with losing my mother. I feel a lot of times music can be very hollow. It can have no meaning and I wanted it to be very intentional with what I was writing … This EP is taking you through a journey of when the death happened and when it's finally accepted.


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