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  • Today, a wrap up of what happened at the RNC this week, including a Teamster leader’s eye-opening speech in support of Donald Trump. Also, students in Northern Michigan bond over turning tough moments into beautiful music. And, this weekend marks the first day of the apocalypse…at least according to Octavia Butler’s sci-fi masterpiece Parable of the Sower.
  • Today, why Republicans are changing their plan, encouraging voters to cast ballots absentee this year. Also, students and staff at Concordia University in Ann Arbor face major cutbacks, and an uncertain future for degree programs. Plus, a conversation with bestselling horror writer Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box. His new book is all about a young girl with an imaginary friend… one her parents quickly learn to dread.
  • Today, the story of how a B-list celebrity reshaped the Republican party…in the 1970s. We chat with the host of the podcast Landslide, which explores how the presidential face-off between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan helped shape our current political climate. Then, book lovers unite in Detroit! A community event is coming this weekend, uniting readers across genres and generations.
  • Today, changing our single-use lives. We’re finding out how Michigan is coping with changes in recycling… and what happens to stuff you throw in the bin. Then, interpreting the top-of-mind issues during the Republican National Convention this week. Plus, the co-creator of FOUND magazine takes his show on the road.
  • Today, Secret Service members neutralized a shooter during Saturday’s Trump rally, however, questions remain regarding the shooter's gained line of fire.
  • Today, a preview of President Biden’s visit to Detroit this evening, and what it means for his campaign.
  • What the Project 2025 playbook might look like for Michigan during a second Trump term. Then, a beautifully illustrated 60-year-old children’s book written by a nonagenarian Beaver Island resident publishes for the first time. And, things to keep in mind for yourself and children while summertime doom scrolling on your phone.
  • Today, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director Elizabeth Hertel talks about Michigan’s Child Protective Services progress under federal oversight. Then, a 1950s “shark attack” in Lake Michigan. Plus, the Kresge Foundation’s president and CEO Rip Rapson discusses the foundation’s ongoing mission and its 100th anniversary.
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer's new book. Meet a post-ironic candidate for Grand Rapids Mayor. As part of IPR's Stories That Heal, we heard about Diana Priest's journey with loss. And, a conversation with the owner of a new witchcraft-themed bar in Hamtramck.
  • Although there are no state senate elections this year, a new map of the Metro Detroit area has been submitted for review. Additionally, we hear about the competing reactions to the building of a new copper mine in the Western Upper Peninsula. Plus, a conversation with two professors about their recent book on Black women and how higher educational spaces have treated them.