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Forty years ago this weekend, a WJR radio personality may have encountered a UFO

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A mysterious UFO sighting has been unresolved for forty years

Forty years ago, on February 10, 1978, a WJR radio personality saw something overhead as he and his wife were heading to the airport. He called the station and host Warren Pierce put his colleague Mark Avery on the air.

Harry Willnus, a UFO researcher, heard Avery call into the station and called home to have his family record the conversation.

Willnus joined Stateside to talk about the alleged UFO incident from 40 years ago.

Listen above for the entire conversation.

On whether other people saw anything

As Avery was driving and talking on the air, he asked listeners if they saw anything too. While Avery received a number of “kook calls,” “two men in the area of Merriman [Road] and Michigan Avenue, about five minutes before Avery’s sighting, called him and told him they had seen a huge craft which came at tree-top level, moving slowly, traveling from east to west,” said Willnus. “Five minutes later, Avery had his sighting; it may be the same craft that these gentlemen saw.”

On what could have been flying that night

Whereas many who heard about the craft or supposedly saw it remain baffled, Willnus is able to put a finer point on it. “I think it was a typical UFO, flying saucer-type thing,” he said. “These are common reports.”

There are still lingering questions about the sighting. When Willnus met up with Avery many years after the incident, he asked the radio host about what he thought he saw. “His answer was, ‘No, it’s something I’ve never seen before and I’ve never seen since,’” he said.

These sightings are more common than you think. “Most people don’t realize that about every three to four minutes around the world, a UFO is seen on a daily basis,” he said. “This stuff has gone on for years.”

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