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Giving blood: Your responses

John Chevier
Flickr - http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

This morning we posted Mark Brush's story about giving blood, including why some people are disallowed from giving.

The story started with a post to Facebook about giving blood, and the comments you posted about the rules for giving.

Now that the final story has been posted, people are still reacting.

Anita Weber says, "Here's one way they can start...by using different sized needles! I've been turned away three times because they only use one size of needle. I avidly exercise so I'm not buying them telling me to lift weights more! My veins are the size they are! Their loss! I wanted and still want to donate!"

Carrie Paps responds, saying, "I give all the time, 2 gallons so far, but I understand the issues. Sometimes my iron is too low and sometimes they can't find a vein."

Craig Hennigan still objects to rules for giving blood. He says, "The lifetime ban for gay men is still stupid, homophobic, and wrong."

Aimee Montery had other objections. She says, "I'm not allowed to give because years ago I had an addiction that included the use of needles. I was in the middle of a terrible rebellion. I've been clean for over 13 years, disease free, and am now the stay at home mom of 2 fantastic boys. But they still won't take my healthy blood. I'm also barred from donating bone marrow."

Jennifer Levik wonders how many people actually follow the rules. Her comment: "I wonder if there are others, like me, who just fudge the truth. Here in the UK, I was banned from donating because I see an acupuncturist. She is fully licensed and uses brand new, from the package needles each time, but yet I was still prohibited from donating."

What do you think?