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New legislation would allow cyclists to run red lights

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New Michigan legislation would allow bikes and motorcycles to run red lights. 

Many two-wheeled vehicles, like bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds, aren't heavy enough to trigger traffic sensors. The bill would require cyclists to wait for 60 seconds to show that their vehicle is not triggering a green light. After one minute, cyclists would wait for traffic to clear before proceeding.

Dwayne Gill is a legislative liason for the State Police.

He told the Detroit Free Press that the bill concerned the police:

"It's giving the green light to run a red light for those types of vehicles," Gill said. "A driver in a car may see that and want to go through a red light, too. It sets up a very dangerous situation and a dangerous precedent."

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee would vote on the bill next week.

-- Lucy Perkins, Michigan Radio Newsroom