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Stateside: Lou Anna Simon charges; Recordio season greetings ; Livonia baker’s baklava cheesecake


Today on Stateside, we go over what you can (and can't) do on December 6 when marijuana is expected to officially become legal in Michigan. Plus, we hear the historical holiday greetings of a Michigan family who used the break through technology of a Recordio to send audio season greetings of themselves to friends and families during the 1940s and beyond.

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below. 

Former prosecutor reviews the charges against former MSU president Lou Anna Simon


Stateside's conversation with Peter Henning

  • Peter Henning is a law professor at Wayne State University. He joined us to discuss the charges brought against former MSU president Lou Anna Simon on Tuesday.
  • Listen above to hear what is ahead for Simon after she faces arraignment on Monday for allegedly lying to police in the Nassar investigation in 2014. 

Marijuana is expected to be legal on Dec. 6. Here’s what you can and can’t do.


Stateside's conversation with Josh Hovey

  • Josh Hovey is the communications director for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol. He joined Stateside to chat about what will and will not change on December 6.
  • Listen above to hear when we might expect to see shops around the state, why it will be legal to possess but not buy marijuana (without a medical marijuana card) on that date, and what roadblocks remain in smoothing the way for a smooth rollout.

Master Chef contestant’s recipe for a happy Thanksgiving? Butter.   


Stateside’s conversation with Amanda Saab

  • Amanda Saab is the owner of Butter Bear Shop in Livonia. She tells us about her path from social work to baking, an event she runs called Dinner with Your Muslim Neighbor, and a new show she will be a part of called “Chef in Hijab.”
  • Stateside's ongoing series Beyond the Coney highlights the growers, entrepreneurs, and culinary experts behind Michigan's diverse food economy.

In 1939, a pioneering Michigan family exchanged seasons greetings recorded on vinyl


Stateside’s conversation with Mark Harvey

  • Mark Harvey is State Archivist with the Michigan History Center. As the holiday season approaches, we look back at a Michigan family in the early 1940s that sent voice recordings on 78 rpm records to one another during the holiday.
  • This segment is produced in partnership with the Michigan History Center

How two women in Detroit neighborhoods are bridging the city’s divide


Stateside’s conversation with Sonia Brown and Rose Gorman

  • Sonia Brown works with the Kresge Foundation and Wayne State University to create a health clinic, food pantry, clothing distribution center and tutoring center called Auntie Na's House on Detroit’s west side. 
  • Rose Gorman is the Resident Fellow at the The Tuxedo Project, also on Detroit’s west side. Gorman is teaching creative writing out of the childhood home of Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Stephen Henderson.

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