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The Detroit Journalism Cooperative is an integrated community media network providing insight on the issues facing Detroit. It features two radio stations, an online magazine, five ethnic newspapers, and a public television station-- All working together to tell the story of Detroit.The DJC includes Michigan Radio, Bridge Magazine, Detroit Public Television, WDET, and New Michigan Media. To see all the stories produced for the DJC, visit The Intersection website.Scroll below to see DJC stories from Michigan Radio and other selected stories from our partners.

Detroit Journalism Cooperative will examine racial inequality

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has awarded more than $659,000 to public media organizations across Michigan to fund the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, or DJC. 

Today, the Detroit Journalism Cooperative (DJC) introduced its newest project, titled, The Intersection.

Watch a short video explaining the project below:


Following Detroit's 2013 declaration of bankruptcy, the DJC emerged as an initiative to focus on Detroit's community life and future. 

According to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's press release, various types of media platforms and voices will be used to make sure that the stories from Detroit are being told from a local, organic perspective. 

Today, the Detroit Journalism Cooperative (DJC) introduced its newest project, titled, “The Intersection.”

The project will work to explore the social and economic conditions that sparked the rebellion of 1967, and whether the conditions that contributed to the unrest have since improved.

The video above, released by the DJC today, reveals more about the history behind the project and the trajectory of the project’s efforts. 

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