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Immigration attorneys say activist group is giving dangerous advice to immigrants

User: Nic Redhead

A Michigan activist group is telling immigrants not to attend regular check-ins with immigration officials. That's because some undocumented immigrants are being detained for deportation at these check-ins.

But immigration attorneys say this is bad, and potentially dangerous, advice.

An email sent from the group By Any Means Necessary earlier this week said, "WARNING: BEWARE OF 'SILENT' DEPORTATIONS--DO NOT GO TO 'CHECK IN' WITH I.C.E." 

Susan Reed is an attorney with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center. She says this blanket statement may seem attractive to immigrants worried about deportation.

"To hear that you don't have to go to that frightening appointment by someone who has a perspective you respect, I think people are very vulnerable to that advice," Reed said.

But she says cooperation with officials is essential to remain safely in the United States. She explained that I.C.E. agents will likely be sent to the home of someone who doesn't attend check-ins, potentially putting other family members at risk of deportation.

"We think it's really dangerous advice to put a general statement out there that people should not comply, and should not attend their appointments or check-ins," Reed said.

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