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Comics writer Geoff Johns debuts new series

Comics writer Geoff Johns
Comics writer Geoff Johns

I was going to put the superhero The Flash's catchphrase here, but apparently he doesn't have one.

Geoff Johns' catchphrase might be "I earned it."

Johns, hailing from Detroit, MI, received his degree in Media Arts and Film from Michigan State University before moving to Hollywood, where he worked with film director Richard Donner on movies like Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4.

All of this happened before he decided to be a full-time comics writer.

Here is Johns discussing his work ethic on Comics Journal:

I’ve always been disciplined. It’s why I can turn out a lot of comics. I think I’ve been writing three or four books since I started and the reason I do that is because even before I got the job working in-house at DC that I’m doing now, I had an office that I would go to at 9 a.m. every day Monday through Friday, and leave around 7 p.m. And I just had a schedule, and I did it because I liked it a lot, but also, it was my job. I really enjoyed it. I work at home a lot and on the weekends too, but I did go into this office every Monday through Friday without fail. I liked the structure. Especially if I want to come in this week and write an issue of The Flash. That’s a very fortunate thing for somebody who loves this world to be able to say.

And that hard work paid off.

Johns has worked on some of DC's most important properties including "Green Lantern, Action Comics (co-written with Richard Donner), Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Infinite Crisis and the experimental breakout hit series 52" (this is all according to the official Geoff Johns website). 

He has received the Wizard Fan Award for Breakout Talent, Writer of the Year award for three years in a row, and the CBG Writer of the Year for four different years (three of them consecutive).

More recently, he has added the titles New York Times Bestselling author and Chief Creative Officer to his list of accomplishments. 

His newest series is called 'Flashpoint.'

Here's an excerpt from CNN's coverage of Johns and the event:

"There is a sense that he is 'one of us,' a true fan of comics." That's how John Mayo, co-host of the Comic Book Page podcast, describes Geoff Johns, the chief creative officer at DC Comics and one of the most influential figures in comics today. All those trailers you've been seeing for the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie? A good chunk of the credit should go to Johns. He's a co-producer on the film, but he's also responsible for giving the character top billing recently in comics and, ultimately, in pop culture. Johns brought Hal Jordan back to life in the "Green Lantern: Rebirth" series and went on to cast the emerald warrior's world as the focal point of the DC Universe in the popular "Blackest Night" comic event. Now, he's taking on DC's newest large-scale series: "Flashpoint," a world in which everything you know will change in a Flash. The first issue hits shelves Wednesday.

Here's the trailer for the Green Lantern movie, co-produced by Johns.