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Legitimate membership into the 'mile high club'? Michigan business wants to help

Inside the Piper Cherokee Six. Their website reads "Plenty of room for your romantic encounter."
Courtesy milehightc.com

Not surprisingly, there are online, how-to instructions for joining the 'mile high club,' but to join might set off a security alert.

That's where someone like Traverse City pilot Scott Conaway steps in.

Melissa Anders of MLive writes today about Conaway's new business venture.

“Just flying up here I’m always in awe, I’m always stunned, so I thought it was the best place to do it,” he said.

You can become a member by flying in Conaway's Piper Cherokee Six.

But at the standard price of $390, you'll have about an hour to get things done. From Conaway's website, Mile High Club - Traverse City:

Choclates, flowers, do you want to watch the Sun set over Lake Michigan? We will make it happen. Standard flight time is one hour. But flights can be longer or shorter. Once we are in the air and level above 5280 feet, you can continue to enjoy the views or you will be free to move arond the cabin as you please.

So far, the flights are legal in the U.S. But in England, the Civil Aviation Authority has showed signs of clamping down. The CAA reported that in-flight sexual acts could distract pilots and pose safety concerns.

In the MLive story, Conaway says safety comes first:

Discretion and safety are Conaway’s top priorities. “I want to participate in it in no way, shape or form,” he added. “I’m there to fly an airplane, nothing else.”

H/T Jen Strayer Eyer

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