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Stateside: Nolan Finley's call for Detroit City Council reform

Detroit City Council
Detroit City Council

Nolan Finleyis concerned about Detroit City Council.

In a recent Detroit News editorial, Finley claimed that Detroit Corporate Council Krystal Crittendon“must go.”

Finley spoke with Cyndy about Detroit’s drastic need to reform its Council.

“The mayor has finally got the message that you have to cooperate or this won’t end well. City Council is still under the delusion that it has power and can escape the consequences of decades of bad management,” said Finley.

The blight in neighborhoods throughout the city is of great concern to Finley.

He cannot understand why it does not perturb those in City Council.

“These Council members are not a good partner. The Governor needs to ask for a legislature that would get rid of Krystal Crittendon,” said Finley.

According to Finley, there will be no progress made with Crittendon present.

However, there is still great resistance throughout City Council to receive outside help.

“It’s been that way always and getting worse now. A lot of it stems from the public employee unions and their resistance to any change. It’s part of the reason why Detroit has been trying to have a renaissance for 35 years and has never quite gotten there,” said Finley.

Detroit’s denizens want their city to improve, but their voices, claims Finley, are largely unheard.

“The people of the city want change, yet they don’t seem to be heard at all,” said Finley.

Finley claims a new emergency manager law that allows Governor Snyder to control the City Council would be most beneficial for Detroit.

“My first choice would be for Snyder to ask for a legislature to run the city. If not, he has no choice than to let them suffer the consequences of their own bad decision-making. At some point you have to bring people to reality,” said Finley.

-Cameron Stewart

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