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State House bill would eliminate background check for concealed pistol permits

"Open carry" dinner held in Detroit
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"Open carry" dinner held in Detroit

The state House is considering a bill that would remove a state background check requirement for concealed pistol permits.

Supporters say a federal background check is sufficient.

That worries a number of Michigan mayors and law enforcement agencies.

Mark Glaze is director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

He said Michigan's gun permit procedure should not be changed.

“The state has access to many more federal criminal records and other information that are prohibiting factors for owning a gun, so if you take away the state system, you actually take away a significant amount of information about some people who aren't entitled to have a gun,” said Glaze.

Glaze said that includes people who have felony records, are domestic abusers or who are seriously mentally ill.

The bill would put county sheriffs in control of the permit process, rather than county boards.

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