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Stateside: Tim Bos sees benefits in right-to-work legislation


Tim Bos- a union member for 17 years- is now a vocal proponent of right-to-work.

Bos spoke with Cyndy about what he feels are the positive impacts the legislation will have on Michigan.

“I was very pleased to see what happened. When I got involved in this...this was just a dream," said Bos.

"We didn’t know if we would ever see it happen, but it was something we felt very strongly about. It didn’t have anything to do with being against unions, we love unions."

Bos described why he felt unions have an important role in protecting workers from bad-acting companies.

"We cherish that. We want to make sure that always stays healthy and available. On the other hand, we think that it has been very detrimental to the union cause and to workers in general by being forced to financially support... a third party that is allowed to siphon off part of your earnings just in order for you to have the ability to continue working,” said Bos.

Canty pointed out that workers can vote to decertify the union if they don't like.

Bos agreed, but said workers feel immense pressure not to do so.

"This whole thing is about power and money," said Bos.

Bos noticed an immediate disparity between the UAW he saw upon joining in 1978 and the one described by his father, a former member.

"It was apparent immediately that things had changed considerably...they were much more militant."

Bos described how some union members discouraged efficient work practices; something he disagreed with. Bos says because he disagreed with them, he was chastised."

"I’m smart enough to know that if the company that's paying me isn’t paying me isn’t making a profit, I’m going to lose my job.”

Bos described his vision of a future Michigan.

“You will see manufacturers from around the world come in to Michigan... Pretty quickly in Michigan there will be more jobs available than people,” said Boss.

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