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New Jersey Gov. Christie tells Michigan delegation to back Donald Trump

Gov. Chris Christie, R-NJ, spoke to the Michigan RNC delegation at their hotel in Cuyahoga Falls.
Steve Carmody
Michigan Radio
Gov. Chris Christie, R-NJ, spoke to the Michigan RNC delegation at their hotel in Cuyahoga Falls.

Michigan’s delegates to the Republican National Convention cheered a former rival to Donald Trump when he called for all Republicans to back the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was an hour late getting to the Michigan delegation meeting at a hotel in Cuyahoga Falls, but his message to the delegates was in tune with the sentiment with most in the room.

“If you’re a Republican, and you have voted for Republican nominees for president, and you’re not working for Donald Trump, you’re working for Hillary. That’s the bottom line,” Christie told the Michigan delegates.

As they were waiting for Christie to arrive, a series of impromptu speakers echoed many of the same sentiments, including a former state party official that took shots at two state delegates circulating a petition to allow delegates to vote for someone else.

Christie’s own bid for the White House was among 16 other Republicans crushed under the Trump bandwagon.

Something he acknowledged to the delegates.

“Our voters have spoken, and this convention needs to reflect the will of those voters and we need to go out enthusiastically and work for the nominee of this party. Because if democracy means anything, that’s what it means,” says Christie.

But the Michigan delegates may hear a very different speech tomorrow.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is one of those Republicans not working for Donald Trump.  The former presidential candidate picked up more than a dozen delegates to the RNC.

Kasich is scheduled to speak to Michigan’s delegates tomorrow at their hotel, but he won’t be attending the convention in Cleveland.

Steve Carmody has been a reporter for Michigan Public since 2005. Steve previously worked at public radio and television stations in Florida, Oklahoma and Kentucky, and also has extensive experience in commercial broadcasting.
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