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Michigan Senate, House adopt bills that would ban abortion procedure, Gov. Whitmer promises veto

Republicans in the state Legislature have set the stage for a showdown with Governor Gretchen Whitmer over bills to ban an abortion procedure.

Majorities in the House and the Senate adopted bills on Tuesday to ban the dilation-and-evacuation procedure. It is typically used in second-trimester abortions.

State Senator Kim LaSata (R-St. Joseph) says she regrets her attempt years ago to terminate a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.

“Of course it should be hard, and the procedure should be painful, and you should allow God to take over, and you should deliver that baby, and you should handle the situation,” says LaSata. 

Republican majorities in other state legislatures have also adopted or proposed new anti-abortion measures. They’re hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will take up a new case to challenge the Roe v. Wade decision. 

Democrats including state Representative Julie Brixie (D-Meridian Township) voted no. She says the decision should be left to women and their doctors.

“Are we going to make it a felony to administer the safest procedure for open heart surgery? How about cancer treatment? Should it be a felony to perform vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction?” says Brixie.

Governor Whitmer says the bills will be vetoed if any reach her desk.

Rick Pluta is Senior Capitol Correspondent for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He has been covering Michigan’s Capitol, government, and politics since 1987.
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