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Senator Amy Klobuchar campaigns in Michigan as part of "Blue Wall" tour

U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar visited Michigan on Thursday morning. Michigan was the second stop on her "Blue Wall" tour that started in Pennsylvania on Wednesday and was scheduled to move to Wisconsin on Thursday afternoon. 

Klobuchar said winning in these three states is key to winning the general election. She said as a moderate, she is the right person to do that.

"If you are tired of the extremes in our politics and tired of the noise and the nonsense, you have a home with me," said Klobuchar. "From the very beginning, that is what I said, that we need to cross the divides of our politics to get to a higher plane."

During a visit to Nicholson Terminal & Dock Company in River Rouge, Klobuchar criticized President Donald Trump for not delivering on his campaign promise to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure. She also slammed him for negotiating tariffs by tweet.

Klobuchar said Nicholson Terminal & Dock Company had been hurt by escalating trade wars and insufficient infrastructure spending.

She spelled out her own plans for a $1 trillion infrastructure investment for getting goods to market, specifically mentioning roads, rail, bridges, ports, locks and dams. She proposed paying for it in part by raising the corporate tax rate to 25%.

Klobuchar also visited the UAW picket line outside GM's Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant.

"You have, right now, a situation where workers really took it during the downturn because they wanted these companies to succeed," said Klobuchar. "And now they should share in the prosperity when the times are good, just like they shared in the cuts when the times were bad."

Klobuchar said it is important that GM keep negotiating, and she hopes both sides can come together.

Thursday's visit was Klobuchar's fourth to Michigan since she announced her candidacy, according to her campaign's communications director.

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