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Summer is the deadliest time for teen drivers, the American Automobile Association warns

A parent teaching his daughter to drive
A parent teaching his daughter to drive

The next 100 days are the most deadly for teen drivers according to the American Automobile Association.

It warns that the majority of lethal car accidents involving teen drivers happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

"Teens will spend more time on the road, often driving with friends at odd hours of the day and night," said Adrienne Woodland, a public relations consultant for AAA. "Because of their inexperience, teens are more susceptible to dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, driving distracted, and not wearing a safety belt".

Compared to other states, Michigan's teen fatality rate is historically higher than most.

AAA reports the state surpassing the national statistic by 5%, with 36% of average annual teen crashes occurring during summer months.

It also warns that distracted driving results in 60% of these deadly crashes.

Woodland says other teen passengers are the number one source of distraction.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Association reports a direct correlation between risk of fatal teen crashes and every additional passenger in the car.

Electronics such as cell phones and other in-car entertainment systems are the next leading cause for distracted teen driving.

As more teens hit the road while school is not in session, AAA encourages parents to lead by example and practice safe driving habits themselves.

"Don't drive aggressively, avoid distractions and always wear your seatbelt," said Woodland. "Your driving skills and judgment behind the wheel can help shape your child's view of safe driving habits even before they are old enough to drive."

AAA also recommends parents to establish driving agreements with their children, and enforce rewards or consequences based on compliance.

For more information on teen drivers safety, visit https://exchange.aaa.com/safety/teen-driver-safety/.

Priya Vijayakumar started her Newsroom Internship in January 2023. She is interested in science/health reporting and making the facts more accessible to all!