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State police and lawmakers want to boost speed limits across Michigan

Flickr user taberandrew

The Michigan State Police and some lawmakers say it’s time to boost speed limits across the state. Many limits have not been adjusted for decades.

Republican state Senator Rick Jones plans to introduce legislation next month to increase the limits. The former county sheriff says the measure would also reduce speed traps.

“We have had some artificially lower speed limits posted. I believe many of them are posted for revenue, and it simply is not needed.”

The legislation would require local governments to set speed limits based on scientific studies.

Michigan State Police Sergeant Dwayne Gill says studies show slower does not necessarily mean safer.

“It is our responsibility as state government to go in and make sure that any type of speed limit that is set on a public road, depending on who owns the road, is the correct speed limit, and is set by sound engineering principles or studies,” said Gill.

Gill says speed limits on some freeways in Michigan should be boosted to 75 miles-per-hour or more. He says that and other adjustments would maximize safety and traffic flow.

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