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State of Opportunity: Is middle school worth the trouble?

Middle school can be a crucial turning point in a kid's education. It's a time when a student either chooses to succeed, or to stop believing in themselves all together.

Even though middle school stands at a very important crossroad in a student's education, it seems that almost everyone ignores it.

This is true even in a place like Stockbridge,  a small town in mid-Michigan town that takes pride in its school system.

Lately, their middle school has been craving more attention, just like many of the students it tries to educate.

Today, Sarah Alvarez from our State of Opportunity project takes a look at the current effects middle school has on the future outcome of students, and how staff and faculty at Stockbridge Middle School are working to improve student performance and success.

Read and Listen to thefull story and other stories coming from the Stockbridge Series at State of Opportunity.

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