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Genoa Township plans to tear down 3-year-old wind turbines


The wind turbines installed in Livingston County's Genoa Township 3 years ago are scheduled to be torn down within the coming weeks.

The Genoa Township Board says the turbines are hazardous and have sent aluminum parts flying into surrounding areas on windy days.

Michael Archinal is the Genoa Township Manager. He says the wind turbines were installed along side 5 solar panels as part of a test project to increase knowledge and visibility of renewable energy sources.

“Unfortunately it didn't go the way we hoped it would long term, but in the short term it increased awareness. It was a demonstration project and we took tons of calls. We had school groups coming through, so I think in that regard it was successful.”

The turbines also didn't produce a lot of power. Archinal says the solar panels produced three times more energy that the wind turbines.

“The wind turbines - even though we set them up on a hill and we think it's windy all the time - you get the dog days, you get the still nights, and when they worked they did a lot but there were just so many days that they didn't do anything looking at the records.”

In 2010, the township received a $94,000 grant from the Department of Labor and Economic Growth to install wind turbines and solar panels. Going forward Township officials plan to use the remaining $40,000 from the original grant to install new hybrid solar panels that will replace the wind turbines.

-Lindsay Hall, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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