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Dearborn woman trades Twitter handle for over 40,000 bottles of water for Flint

pixabay user lonaug

How can a Twitter username become a force for good?

Turns out it's not that hard when you have the name a huge company wants.

Diana Hussein of Dearborn had a very desirable Twitter username that she was able to parlay into a water donation for the people of Flint.

Hussein joined Twitter in 2009, relatively early in the social media platform's life, and chose the username @DietDrPepper.

"I was just trying to come up with something on the fly, and the closest thing to me was a can of soda on my desk," Hussein says. 

It didn't get much attention at first, but someone from the company reached out to her in January to ask if they could take over the account.

Twitter prohibits the sale of its accounts, but Hussein says she wasn't really looking for money anyway. Instead, she agreed to hand over the username in exchange for a donation of over 40,000 water bottles to the people of Flint.

Diana Hussein tells us more in our conversation above.

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