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Michigan cannabis agency adjusts tincture definitions, boosts maximum THC in edibles

Marijuana edibles
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Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency is setting guidelines for smokeless THC-containing products, like edibles or drinks.

Those also include oils and tinctures, which had sometimes fallen into a regulatory gray area.

Shelly Edgerton is the board chair for the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association. She said the changes started with a conversation over tinctures and oils that have crossed regulatory categories in the state.

“We definitely have an evolution of products on a constant basis and sometimes, you know, I believe CRA’s just not caught up yet to what’s common practice, but they started to require enforcement against some licensees, so a lot of processors brought this to attention,” Edgerton said.

She added she appreciates the guidance.

“It really provides the clarification that’s needed so there’s not an enforcement action against a licensee for the failure to properly label or dissect … the ingredients that are in a tincture, an oil, or syrup,” Edgerton said.

The state’s new regulations also double the maximum amount of THC allowed in an adult-use edible package. The new 200mg level brings recreational products more in line with medicinal ones.

Robin Schneider is executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. She said that’s important since a lot of dispensaries are no longer renewing their medical licenses.

“This will allow those patients to maintain the access to the same products that they were using — medical products — if they go into a store and that store doesn’t have a medical marijuana license,” Schneider said.

The allowable dosage in a serving size is not changing.

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