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Let’s Review is a podcast focused on current events, pop culture, identity, and the tricky art of navigating life. Your hosts are All Things Considered host Jenn White, and Michigan Radio's social media producer Kim Springer.Each episode has two parts. In part one of Let’s Review, Kim and Jenn propose a thematic topic. Sometimes they talk to a special, knowledgeable guest to get to the heart of why the topic is important. In part two of our show, "For Your Review," Jenn and Kim give you recommendations for theme-related reading, viewing, listening, etc. Cultural and political observation should come with productive suggestions for moving the conversation forward. That’s why this is a podcast with homework.

"Let's Review": Your attention is a commodity

In this episode of Let’s Review,  your hosts Jenn & Kim debate the merits of checking in and checking out on current events. What are the social, political, and psychic benefits and costs of being aware of what's happening in the world? 

The guest for this episode is…wait for it…Kim and Jenn, your podcast hosts!

Jenn, as one of Michigan Radio's All Things Considered hosts deals with a lot of controversial news content. Kimberly, as our Social Media Producer, moderates listener and social media content that evokes many emotions for many people.

They have different ways of approaching their jobs at a media organization, which require following journalistic ethics. They ask, and try to answer:

What are your criteria for engaging, in an age of information overload? Is there a responsibility to be informed about every racist, sexist, other -ist, story in the world or is it ok to just check out sometimes? What are some approaches to checking in & checking out on social media?

How do you deal with information/discrimination overload? Listen and find out how we cope…or don’t cope! 
Don't forget to visit the Let's Review website for the videos and recommendations for your review. 

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