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Stateside Podcast: Detroit to Gotham City, Wakanda and back again

For die-hard Batman fans, few chase scenes top the one from Batman Forever. Harvey Dent and his cronies tail Batman under a bridge, through Gotham City, and around a dark corner onto a dead-end street. Things aren't looking good for the superhero, who's driving full speed toward a wall with three cars firing gunshots behind him. But all of a sudden, the Batmobile lifts off the ground, shoots a rope out from its hood, and cruises up the side of a building into safety — at least for the moment.

The brains behind the iconic car's design? Tim Flattery, a Detroit-born concept artist and illustrator whose career has taken him to the worlds of Men in Black, Avengers: Infinity War, The Hunger Games, Spider-Man II and many more. On today's podcast, Tim spoke to us about his childhood love of comics and his work on the highly anticipated film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, set to premiere this weekend. Plus, we heard about his latest gig a little closer to home: mentoring emerging artists as provost of Detroit's College for Creative Studies. You can check out some of Tim's concept work above.


  • Tim Flattery, concept artist, illustrator, and provost of College for Creative Studies

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