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Michigan Freedom Fund launches TV, radio ads supporting 'right-to-work'


After an onslaught of TV and radio ads this election season, Michigan residents could be forgiven for hoping they had seen the last of political spots for a while.

But the ads are back.

A group calling itself the Michigan Freedom Fund is now running television and radio ads in support of rumored "right-to-work" legislation.

The nonprofit advocacy group is being run by Greg McNeilly, an employee of Dick DeVos’ investment firm Windquest Group, MLive reports.

McNeilly was campaign manager for Devos during his gubernatorial campaign and served as executive director of the Michigan Republican Party.

The Free Press reports that one of the first TV spots aired last night in the Detroit area.

Here is a look at the ad:


In a press release yesterday, the Michigan Freedom Fund announced the release of another ad; a 60-second statewide radio commercial called “Choices for Workers.”

The ad uses the term “freedom-to-work,” saying the choice to join a union is about empowering workers and protecting collective bargaining.

From the ad:

“Collective bargaining remains a federally protected right. Freedom-to-work safeguards workers’ rights to bargain collectively. Tell Lansing, protect collective bargaining and support freedom-to-work.”

Sounds good, right?

Well, right-to-work doesn’t have much to do with collective bargaining. Instead, a right-to-work law in Michigan would allow workers to opt out of paying union dues.

And as Michigan Radio’s Rick Pluta reports, Democrats and unions say the passage of this kind of law would “essentially be a declaration of war on labor.”

Governor Snyder says a right-to-work bill is up for discussion, but will not say if he would sign it.

- Jordan Wyant, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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