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Stateside: As conflicts persist within Detroit City Council, economic strife looms

The debate over appointing a Detroit emergency financial manger continues amidst aggravated communication between Mayor Bing and Detroit Corporation Counsel Krystal Crittendon.

Detroit Free Press editorial writer Nancy Kaffer provided Stateside with an update on Detroit City Council.

“The City of Detroit needed to draw $30 million dollars- and to get the draw the Council had to pass five key contracts. All five passed, so they will get the money that will stop payless paydays for now,” said Kaffer.

Kaffer expressed concern over the relationship between the mayor and Crittendon.

“It was needlessly controversial. The Mayor and Krystal Crittendon are at odds with each other. Over the summer she took a lot of efforts to scuttle the consent agreement between the city and the state that has been a guiding document to try to keep the city out of bankruptcy.”  

Though she continues to challenge City Council, removing her proves to be difficult.  

“To fire Crittendon requires a super-majority council vote and the mayor. It gives her a disproportionate amount of power,” said Kaffer.

“This issue is, if the mayor and Crittendon can’t work together on finding a lawyer, how are they going to work together on big reform issues?”

Bankruptcy, says Kaffer, is an unappealing option for the city.

“No one wants bankruptcy. It would be bad. The first thing that happens is that creditors try to show that whatever entity is filing for bankruptcy is intelligible,” said Kaffer.

Kaffer hopes that the mayor and City Council can come to a conclusion to bring positive consequences for Detroit.

-Cameron Stewart

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