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First state bills of 2013 aim to end “lame duck” sessions and cut FOIA filing costs

State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI
State Capitol Building, Lansing, MI

One day into their new session, state lawmakers already have an influx of bills to consider.

One resolution in the state Senate seeks to effectively end so-called “lame duck” sessions. On even-numbered years, Lawmakers would be barred from holding regular sessions between November elections and the end of the year.  

Democratic state Senator Glenn Anderson said lawmakers would only be able to act if there’s an emergency.

“Lame duck has become an opportunity for folks that are pushing really bad legislation to jam it through in the last waning days of the legislative session,” Anderson said.

Democrats have attacked state Republican lawmakers for pushing through a slew of contentious bills last month, including the state’s new “right to work” law. Anderson’s measure would have to be approved by Michigan voters.

Another bill introduced this week would cut the cost of filing requests for public information. A similar measure came up last year, but did not move out of committee.

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