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Rubio says he's the candidate who can unify GOP

Gregory Vadon
flickr http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

Marco Rubio broke away from the Nevada caucuses Tuesday evening, flying to Grand Rapids to address supporters gathered at auto parts manufacturer Lacks Enterprises.

“Two weeks from tonight Michigan’s voice will be heard in this country,” Rubio said. “Two weeks from tonight we will take another step towards replacing Barack Obama as president of the United States.”

The Florida senator told the audience of more than 1,500 that as president he’d follow the Constitution, repeal all of President Barack Obama’s executive orders, and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Rubio described himself as the Republican party’s unifying force and the most conservative candidate who can win in November.

He also took a swipe at GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“I didn’t just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when I thought about running for president,” he told the crowd.

Rubio said he’ll limit government, void the Iran nuclear deal and rebuild the U.S. military while fighting what he calls “a real war on terror.”

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