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On the issues: Healthcare

A look at how five Republican candidates for governor view healthcare beyond abortion.

Tudor Dixon

Tudor Dixon opposes lock downs and masks as public health measures. She personally blames Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her grandmother’s death alone at a nursing home. She says vaccines are a personal choice and is opposed to vaccine mandates. She was thankful the vaccine was available to those who wanted it, like her parents.

She would like to see mental health facilities increase their capacities, and believes bringing in more trained mental health/healthcare professionals to the state would help.

Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley promises to push for “medical freedom,” limiting state mandates on vaccines, proof of vaccination, and masks. He wants doctors to have the ability to prescribe effective treatments for diseases without government interference.

Kelley abstained from participating in one of the gubernatorial debates due to the venue’s request for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. Kelley believes COVID-19 “was made so that [government] can use the propaganda to control your minds so that you think… that Joe Biden won this election.” (11/14/2020 Stop the Steal Rally)

Kelley believes the 2019 no-fault auto insurance reforms were corrupt and not designed for “the people.” He has called for a reinstatement of healthcare benefits for the 18,000 catastrophic claims recipients.

Ralph Rebandt

Rebandt wants to see less government involvement in healthcare. He wants to fill that regulatory space with “individuals, churches, and community groups.”

Rebandt said he believes in “medical freedom.” He condemns the steps that were taken early on and throughout the pandemic. He said, “This must never happen again.”

Kevin Rinke

Rinke promises to take a “data-driven” approach to future pandemic responses. He wants to end statewide shutdowns, and keep schools and businesses free from pandemic-related closures.

He supports citizens making their own healthcare choices.

Rinke owned a Traumatic Brian Injury treatment facility in Novi, MI for five years. He opposes the 2019 no-fault insurance reforms.

Garrett Soldano

Soldano said he is “anti-mask,” and would ban any future government mask mandates.

Soldano was the chair of Unlock Michigan. He participated in anti-lockdown protests during Spring/Summer 2020. He claimed that “big tech Facebook silenced” over half a million people in the group when Unlock Michigan got shut down by the media company.

Soldano said he wants to address what he believes to be government overreach in the healthcare system and more broadly.

Katheryne Friske is the weekend morning host and producer for All Things Considered.
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