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Poet and writer Keith Taylor discusses his new chapbook 'Fidelities'

Robert Turney

One of our favorite Stateside visitors is poet and writer Keith Taylor. He stops by each season to share his "reading picks" from Michigan writers.

But, it's time to turn the tables on Keith Taylor.

His new chapbook of poetry and prose is called Fidelities.

Taylor teaches in the writing program at the University of Michigan.

Interview highlights

Cynthia Canty: What are you exploring in Fidelities?

Keith Taylor: "I've been thinking about how imagination and memory combine and they move through time and for me it's much more easy to imagine the past.... and I was realizing that there was a continuum across history and pre-history that my imagination kept popping in and out of... These are the things that I come back to. They are recurring images in my mind that clearly and constitutionally I am faithful to."

CC: What do you see as the role of a poet?

KT: "That's a tough one because I think there is a role of a poet although it's really hard to define and certainly hard to convince anyone else... I think that there is a language of poetry. There is that effort to find metaphor... to place things that do not go together side by side and I think that means something." 

Taylor will launch his new chapbook Fidelities on Friday, May 1 at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor.

You can check out future readings and appearances here.

Web bonus: Keith Taylor talks about and reads his prose "Getting To Know The Kennedys."

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