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Corn farmers frustrated by Trump administration’s slow movement on ethanol policy

Field of corn
Flickr/Vampire Bear
Farmers are venting frustration over the Trump adminstrations unclear stance on corn ethanol.


Farmers are expressing frustration over the fedearl government’s unclear policies on ethanol. 

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised corn growers he would support increased use of corn ethanol in fuel.

But in recent days, EPA chief Scott Pruitt has been criticized for his handling of renewable fuel standards, which requires oil refineries mix renewable fuels such as ethanol with gasoline.

Jeff Sandborn is a corn farmer in Ionia County who sits on the board of the National Corn Growers Association and the Michigan Farm Bureau. He spoke with Stateside's Lester Graham about the status of the Trump administration's energy promises. 

Most gasoline has a 10 percent blend of corn ethanol in it, but during certain parts of the year, you can get a 15 percent blend. The Trump administration has been considering making the 15 percent blend available year round.

“It's something they are still working on,” Sandborn said. “The president has stood behind it. It's just getting the EPA to follow through with it.”

The EPA has not allowed 15 percent blends to be sold in summer because of evidence that it leads to increased smog. Sanborn said the science proves that 15 percent blends are actually better than 10 percent blends. 

Listen above to hear more about the politics of corn ethanol. 

This post was written by Stateside production assistant Sophie Sherry. 

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