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In recent months, the State of Michigan has found several places where drinking water and fish are contaminated by a class of chemicals called PFAS, or poly and perfluoroalkyl substances.PFAS is a family of chemicals that can be found in all sorts of products. But what are the lingering effects of PFAS on our health and the environment?

Stateside: Michigan’s surge in opioid deaths; baby sturgeon return home; filtering out PFAS

US Fish and Wildlife Services
This Saturday, 3,000 baby sturgeon will be released into the Maumee River


Today on Stateside, Michigan's opioid overdoses are at an all-time high. What are we doing wrong in the fight against addiction? Plus, as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we take a look into the work the Michigan History Center is doing to represent a larger group of Michiganders.

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Overdose deaths continue to rise despite state efforts on opioid crisis


Stateside's conversation with Linda Davis

  • Judge Linda Davis is the president of FAN (Families Against Narcotics). Following the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's announcement that opioid-related deaths in Michigan are at an all-time high, Davis explains what we need to focus on in order to decrease overdose rates.

Toledo Zoo gets ready to release 3,000 baby “dinosaur fish” into the Maumee River

Stateside's conversation with Kent Bekker

  • Kent Bekker,director of conservation and research at the Toledo Zoo, explains how history will come alive this Saturday when 3,000 baby sturgeon are released into the Maumee River. He discusses the dinosaur fish's life cycle, rehabilitation efforts, and how this project will affect the river. 

Howes: how autonomous vehicles encourage auto makers to collaborate, not compete

Stateside's conversation with Daniel Howes

  • Daniel Howes, Detroit News business columnist, joins us to explain "co-opetition" in the auto industry. Plus, the intersection between automakers, tech companies, and start ups.

Documentary follows individuals with cognitive disabilities who fight stigma -- and succeed

Stateside's conversation with Dan Habib and Janice Fialka

  • Dan Habib is the director of a new film "Intelligent Lives." The movie brings us into the lives of three young people who have cognitive disabilities and are succeeding at school and in their personal lives. 
  • Janice Fialka is the mother of of one of the young people featured in the film. She joins us to discuss her experience of pushing to have her son included in general education classes.
  • You can find upcoming screenings of the film here
  • Support for arts and culture coverage on Stateside comes in part from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

From sugar beets to street festivals: the history of Michigan’s Latino community


Stateside's conversation with ?Delia Fernandez and Sandra Clark

  • September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage month. Delia Fernandez, assistant professor of history and Latino studies at Michigan State University, provides a historical lens to Michigan's Hispanic heritage.
  • Sandra Clark is the director of the Michigan History Center. She explains the work the center has been doing to better represent different groups of Michiganders.

How do you get PFAS out of your water?

Stateside's conversation with Rick Andrew

  • Rick Andrew, Director of Global Development for Water Systems at NSF International, joins us in our continued PFAS series to discuss the testing process for water filters.  For more information on approved filter treatments, visit http://www.nsf.org/

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