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Facebook followers share 'up north' highlights

Lake Michigan Sunset
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Lake Michigan Sunset

Earlier today, Michigan Radio’s Kyle Norris posted a story about Michiganders’ love of traveling north of their hometowns for an in-state getaway.  On our facebook page, we asked fans to join the conversation:

“Ok, let's hear your favorite thing about going ‘up north.’”

Followers posted comments detailing the perks of their favorite spots up north.

Several answered that the drive north is the best part of the experience.

Gary: Crossing the tension line (or "ecotone") between southern and northern forests. The pines and sand sneak in so slowly you barely notice, until they seem suddenly to dominate.

Cathrin: Not only do the trees change, but the landscape begins to rise and fall in drastic contrast to the flat plains of the center of the mitten. So beautiful!

Dani: crossing the bridge to the u.p ...being so close to 3 of the great lakes the beautiful scenery the falls the fudge in mackinaw smoked fish in st ignance and most of all being away from the big city

The desire to get away from it all was also on responders’ minds.

Kim: Lousy connectivity = uninterrupted time for a good book.

Matt: The lack of distractions. Nothing but thinking of how to fill an afternoon--walk on the beach, hike through the woods, bike ride, doughnut run in the Model A, say hi to the folks at the Bier Gallery, or just sit on the porch, reading an old mystery, listening to the water.

Debra: I love how it's all about being outdoors and pretending we are one with the land :) My family enjoying time together. No cells phones, no computers, no work, no thinking about bills or daily stresses for that short time we are vacationing up north. All play and relaxation. Nice cool waters and big fish!

Of course, with draws like these, and weeks of broiling temperatures in the southern part of the state, it can get crowded up there. For some, that’s a challenge.

Karin: Finding the spots off the beaten path where there are no tourists.

While for others, it’s just another perk.

Jamie: Everyone seems happier...probably because the places I go are more tourist-y, but all the tourists are happy to be there, like me. :)

-Elaine Ezekiel, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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