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Stateside Podcast: Sports broadcaster Jamie Samuelsen's legacy

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After her husband Jamie Samuelsen's death from colorectal cancer at age 48, Christy McDonald became an advocate for colorectal cancer screenings.

In July of 2020, Detroit sports fans listened as one of their most beloved radio broadcasters announced on air that he was in the fight of his life against colon cancer.

It was a tough moment for those who loved listening to Jamie Samuelsen on 97.1 The Ticket sports radio. It was also the last time he would be on air before dying of colon cancer at age 48.

His family is still navigating their way through the loss, Christy McDonald — Samuelsen's wife and a fellow broadcaster — told Stateside.

“Grief will sneak up on you when you least expect it," she said. "When I look into a crowd and I see families, I see moms and dads and their kids, and I know that we have a missing piece. Sometimes that will hit me even when I’m having the best day or feeling joy.”

Today on the podcast, we heard from McDonald about her family’s story and her own journey to becoming a fierce advocate for early colorectal cancer screenings.

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