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Stateside Podcast: A wave of GOP election challenges

a white hand grips a pen while filling out a ballot sheet with black and red on it
Emma Winowiecki
Michigan Radio
Groups pushing false claims of widespread election fraud in the 2020 election have set their sights on local clerks offices in Michigan and elsewhere. They've sent in thousands of names of voters whose ballots they believe to be invalid.

There’s a a message we’ve heard a lot from some Trump-supporting Republicans in the past couple of years: the elections system can’t be trusted. It bears repeating: there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020. But that hasn’t stopped some GOP groups–including one here in Michigan–from taking action.

Election officials in Michigan are dealing with a wave of ballot challenges from the August primary—and expecting more for November’s election.

“Some within these groups are going to election officials, and sending lists, and saying these people, for various reasons, we don’t think should be voting," says Alexandra Berzon, an investigative reporter on the politics desk with the New York Times.

Berzon was part of a team of reporters who looked into how GOP activists seem to be making concerted efforts across the country to slow down or confuse the process of counting ballots. Even if their challenges aren’t successful, some election officials worry that it could damage voter confidence.

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