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Libertarian candidate for attorney general on marijuana, Line 5 and civil asset forfeiture


As we approach Election Day on November 6, Michigan Radio is interviewing candidates running for attorney general in the upcoming midterm elections. 

Today we’re talking with the Libertarian candidate, Lisa Lane Gioia.

When asked if Gioia would be joining the lawsuits against the federal administration when they do something that goes against her party's principle, Gioia explained the Libertarian principles: 

"The Libertarian party has two major principles and that's the non-aggression principle—which is don't hurt people and don't take their stuff— and the principle of self ownership—which is live and let live. "

Since she believes the law's purpose is to protect these rights, she finds partisan politics in the attorney general role problematic:

"The idea of putting political bias into this role, into this office—that should not be biased in the least bit— in order to use it, in order to play with it, in order kick a political football around is disgusting to me."

She added, "It's the application of the law and the defense of the citizens—that's what the AG is supposed to be doing."

Listen to the full interview above to hear what Gioia thinks the attorney general's role in civil rights protections for LGBTQ individuals should be, and her belief that civil asset forfeiture as a tool of law enforcement is unconstitutional. 

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