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Fight for the Bando


My name is Matthew Green. I am from the eastside of Detroit. When I say I know the inner city. I mean that I know the inner city! I am 24 years old. I am old enough to have a mature mind-state about things, but young enough to connect with the youth.


I have an extensive background of employment with Detroit Public Schools from coaching sports to being a culture facilitator. I mentor and train youth in sports in my spare time. I am also a visual artist, graphic designer, clothing designer, recording artist, and event planner. I can connect with mostly anyone of any age or walk of life. I wear a lot of hats, but these caps are some of the only things that make me happy.   



Credit g0rdotr0n
Jaye Green

With the recent purchase of my grandmother’s home, the house I grew up in, I am designing a community center to expose youth and adults from the east side of Detroit to art, music, sports, and mentoring. With the elimination of the music, and art programs in Detroit Public Schools — the east side of Detroit is a very cultureless place these days. Along with the diminishment of recreation centers and after school programs, there are no positive outlets in the community. There is a gap between people of the inner city and midtown and downtown Detroit’s cultural community. People from young to old want to be educated in the arts, sports, and things like healthy living, but no one is curating these activities. There are a lot of youth that would stay out of the streets and focus more in school if they knew it risks the opportunity to learn how to record music. Or to create their own clothing. Even adults love painting, healthy cooking and yoga classes.

I am trying to decrease the atmosphere of violence in my community. As well as motivate the people of my community to strive for positivity. Instead of the negative mind states that has plagued the city of Detroit. The drop-out rates are high and the value of education is low. Plus drugs and weapons are more relevant than ever with the youth in today's society. People have forgotten about the era of culture that this city was once built on. From Motown to the Motor City, we have a history of being educated and having class. We need to bring that movement back to the city. And that is what I am doing with "The dE'FACTION Project".

In this episode, The Fight for The Bando, I document my journey to restore my grandma’s once abandoned house, something we call a “bando” on the east side. I spoke with people in the community to get their input as I work to contribute to the community. My goal is to restore my childhood home into a fully-functioning location on the eastside of Detroit where we can conduct classes in art, music, graphic design, photography/video, and healthy living. As well as mentoring to the youth. Plus, throw shows to showcase the works of performing and visual artist in the city.