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When it comes to medical innovation, time for docs to think could be a game-changer

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According to Chopra, diagnosis is a complicated process made only more difficult by time constraints.

The Next Idea

If ever there is a time you want your physicians to be on top of their game, it's when he or she is determining your diagnosis. 

Yet, doctors who are overworked and stressed do make mistakes. And the results can be fatal.

One famous case: actor John Ritter was diagnosed and treated for a heart attack. Turns out he actually had a tear in his aorta, which killed him.

Dr. Vineet Chopra is with the Patient Safety Enhancement Program, and he's researching ways to change the way physicians work to give them more time to think about their patients' diagnoses. 

Chopra joined us today on Stateside to talk about his research. In our full conversation below, he explains the diagnosis process, and how giving doctors a little more time to think could help them better determine what's wrong with their patients. 

You can read more in the piece Chopra co-authored with Dr. Sanjay Saint: Harried doctors can make diagnostic errors: They need time to think

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