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Hundreds march to state Capitol as part of “We Are Done Dying" protest

Hundreds of people marched from the Lansing Center to the state Capitol on Wednesday as part of a march against police brutality.

The words "Black Lives Matter" echoed across the Capitol lawn at the NAACP’s “We are Done Dying” march.

Nathanael Jefferson has been to several protests in Detroit and Lansing. He says he has personally been profiled in Lansing and sees police profiling all the time.
“I don’t get a lot of sleep because, knowing what is happening to my people across the nation. We’re dealing with the coronavirus and we also have the fear of getting our lives taken by the hands of the police on a daily basis. This is why I’m out here, so black lives can truly matter,” he says.

It was Kaylin Fields’ first protest. She came with her mom, aunt, and siblings from Holt. She held a sign that said, “We all bleed the same color.”

“I want people to know that black people aren’t a threat. We’re not going to hurt you, we’re just trying to make a change because we don’t want to have to live in fear that people are just coming at us, and we just want people to understand that we do bleed the same blood. We still are people, we should be treated like them too,” she says.

Catherine Fields says it’s important that changes are made, so she doesn’t have to keep on having the same worries.

“You know, my kids not making it home safely, or if I’m in a car that I'm afraid when the police is behind me that I might not see the next day,” says Fields.

Protests against police brutality have been going on in Michigan for nearly two weeks after George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man, was killed by a white police officer.

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Abigail Censky is the Politics & Government reporter at WKAR. She started in December 2018.
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