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Stateside Podcast: Bloated politics and gas price inflation

An arm holds a gas dispenser into a car's gas tank. Out of focus in the background is a teal gas pump.
Erik McLean
The average price of regular gas in Michigan is now above $4 a gallon. Can President Biden limit pain to consumers while also staying true to promises of investing in a clean energy future?

Last week the Biden Administration called for an end of Russian oil imports to the U.S. And while most every lawmaker in Washington applauded that decision—there is less consensus on what should be done next.

Many Republicans—and some Democrats—are calling for expanding drilling in the U.S. to make up for the ban on Russian oil imports. But others worry that doing so ignores the long-term threat of climate change.

All this comes at a time when consumers are seeing prices at the gas pump balloon. The average price for regular unleaded gas is now above $4 dollars per gallon in Michigan. And did we mention it's an election year?

On today's pod, we talk to U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm about how the war in Ukraine is upsetting a global conversation about our use of energy in an era of climate change. Plus, we check in with Michigan State University economist Charles Ballard about how the ripple effect of that convergence is being felt here at home.

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