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Stateside: Friday, July 21, 2023

Today on Stateside, we discussed the group of Republicans who, following the 2020 election, went to the state Capitol in an attempt to make themselves electors for Donald Trump. Attorney General Dana Nessel recently announced a slew of charges against them for attempting to subvert the will of Michigan voters. Then, we spoke with a Detroit-based food critic about what it's like to work in a city that's awash with young chefs. Plus, listen to the third installment of Ride of Passage, the story of an Ann Arbor man who rode across the country on horseback.

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  • Simon Schuster, MLive political reporter
  • Lyndsay Green, James Beard award-winning restaurant and food critic for the Detroit Free Press
  • Matt Parker, cross-country horseman
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  • Twenty years ago, Matt Parker was in that weird phase of life right out of college; rudderless and adrift, unsure of what adulthood would hold. And then an idea hit him like lightning — he'd ride across the country on horseback. Never mind that he'd never really spent time with horses. But he was ready for the challenge of a lifetime.
  • In order to ride horseback across the country, Matt would need a horse and a trail. The problem is there were no modern trails that were tested all the way across on horseback. And there were few modern examples of what kind of horse would be good for a 5,000-mile ride.
  • Matt makes his way into the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and encounters the first true test of his ability to withstand the wilderness alone. He learns about equipment he doesn't need - a tent - and which he does need - a staple gun.
  • Prosecutors allege the 16 people tried to award the state’s electoral college votes to Donald Trump despite him losing the state by around 154,000 votes